Hi, I'm Aurelis


My maternal grandfather, Felix Garcia was an Agricultural Coffee Farmer in Puerto Rico where my mother was born & raised. I was born in New Jersey and relocated to Lebanon, Pennsylvania in the early 90's.


A City of Lebanon resident for over 20 years, Figueroa's deep experience and influential voice are well known and highly regarded in the community. She has served as an administrator, mentor, advocate, and director in a variety of programs and initiatives, including her stint as the Multi-State Program Coordinator for Youth Advocate Programs through the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention for the 

U.S. Department of Justice. She also served as the Director of the Freer Family Youth Center of the Lebanon Valley Family YMCA, in addition to serving as Youth Pastor of a church-affiliated youth program. 


Figueroa has served on a variety of local boards, including the Harrisburg Area Community College Advisory Board (2017-2019); the Lebanon Family Health Services Latino Health Fair Committee (2013-2020); vice chair and board member of True Life Ministries (2016-2021, formerly Lebanon Valley Youth for Christ), current board member of the Lebanon Valley Council on the Arts and founding member of the Hispanic Business of Association of the City of Lebanon. 

Figueroa’s diverse work experience includes drafting and project management for the construction industry before working with the City of Lebanon on the Elm Street Neighborhood Program. Since then, she has expanded her business repertoire as a real estate agent and mobile notary public. Applying her knowledge and experiences to the human service sector in efforts to educate and mentor future leaders. Helping people of diverse backgrounds become established and valued members of our city. 

Fluent in both Spanish and English, Figueroa has the business acumen and background combined with a deep well of human service experiences to responsibly understand and execute the duties of Magisterial District Judge in the diverse population of District 52-02-01. If elected, Figueroa is committed to acting with independence, integrity, and impartiality as a fair and neutral magistrate. The values she demonstrates in the community translate well to fair judicial administration, respect for every person who appears before her; humane alternatives to excessive fines; and cultural competency when imposing fair but firm decisions based on the law. Aurelis Figueroa will serve as a fair and equitable District Magistrate for ALL. 


Aurelis Figueroa has deep roots in the community, and has long been dedicated to serving it. Among her many commitments, she has been very active with several non-profit organizations in the CITY OF LEBANON. Figueroa has always been a mover and a shaker; from a young age, she was always at the forefront of any decisions that needed to be made. To learn more about CANDIDATE Aurelis Figueroa and her goals and beliefs, explore the site, and if you have any questions please get in touch.


Justice with Integrity

What does Justice with Integrity mean?  Offering humane alternatives to excessive fines, offering the opportunity to conduct a preliminary hearing to who ever steps foot in the courtroom and desires one, keeping everyone accountable.