Aurelis Figueroa at the Back to School with Your Head in Mind event.

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Aurelis Figueroa speaks on the importance of parents doing their due diligence and finding community resources available for their children.

Aurelis Figueroa uses the metaphor of the seed process to become a plant while explaining that students need different resources available in order to succeed and be resilient. She also went over the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey which she states to have taught her 4 children.

“Without the sun, oxygen, water, fertilizer and love the seed will not grow healthy. In the same way a child needs to have an array of resources to grow healthy and resilient. Whether it is counseling from SARCC, joining an after school program like the Cub Scouts or a STEM program like Yellow Bricks Robotics.”

As a mother, Aurelis has learned to seek community resources available for her children to be involved in their community because she understood that this was her responsibility to her children and community.

Soil, One Styrofoam Cup and One Seed

isn't enough to start the growth of a plant. In the same token, teachers, a school building and a student isn't enough for the growth of our children. We as parents, have the responsibility to synergize with the school guidance counselors and other community organizations to know what is available as a resource for our children. There are many programs in our community for our youth, we just need to tap in to them.

Aurelis believes in the notion of it takes a tribe to raise a child. As a single mother who survived a domestic abuse relationship and an attempted rape survivor, she understood that she was not able to raise her children alone due to the severe trauma she endured. She moved back to Lebanon where she found an array of resources that helped her and her children thrive. She states her children's success is directly tied to the resources used and the support of her husband of 10 years.

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